Are You In?

Hi everyone, it’s Jess. Hilary and I have had so much success with Beachbody and the 21 Day Fix. After participating in 2 1/2 group challenges, I am proud to announce I have lost 10 pounds and 9 inches, but looking for more!  Hilary has lost a total of 7 pounds and feels more fit than she has ever felt.

Therefore, Hilary and I  are excited to kick off our first challenge on Monday, August 3rd!  You are probably asking , what does this mean for me?  It means we want others to join us in our health and fitness journey and take the challenge with us.

Here is the thing, I know personally each of you are bombarded by friends to buy this, to buy that and then you are asked to buy the product and asked to be a distributor for every product under the sun. Trust me, I know! I have bought weight loss products, jewelry, home goods and essential oils just to name a few.  That is not what this is about, I want you in our group no matter what! So if you are not interested in buying the Beachbody pack we completely understand, but what I will tell you, without the challenge and products, including Shakeology, I don’t think I would see the results I have seen.

If you are in and want the products as part of the challenge here’s how it works: You enroll with a Challenge Pack. The pack comes complete with a fitness program, nutrition guide and your first month of Shakeology. You also get the accountability of Hilary and I as your Coaches and our entire Group.

Contact us at to learn more and we can help you get started!


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