Transformation Tuesday

All three of us joined our first challenge group on May 4th.  We are in the middle of our third, 21 day challenge group and we have seen results first hand.

Its taken small changes over time that’s give us results. Its the truth when people say it takes  21 days to break a habit!

Our first challenge, we focused mainly on working out every day and making small changes in our diets. Our second challenge, was more focused on eating cleaner, sticking to the work out plans and getting our FITBIT steps in!  Our third challenge, we’ve built up to keeping with our daily work outs, getting our daily steps in and focusing more on clean eating. We are using the containers for portion control and can’t wait to see more results!

We truly feel like this is something we can keep up with. It’s not a diet, its a lifestyle change, which is maintainable.  When you start seeing results, its so much easier to stay motivated and focused!

Take your measurements, before and after photos and send them to us. Its worth it to see your results first hand! Join our August 3rd challenge group!

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