What is a challenge Group

At Balanced Method Fitness we run our challenge groups differently than others that you have been part of, so learn more by reading below:

What is a Challenge Group?

In short, a Challenge Group provides support , accountability and creates a sense of community!  It is a group of people, led by Jessica and I (your coaches).  It can be people who have committed to getting healthy by participating in either a  Beachbody workout program or want to join the group for free and continue on your own workout schedule. We will engage with the group on Facebook® . By combining fitness, nutrition, peer support and accountability, a Challenge Group plays a key role in helping  all of us achieve our goals. Its a SAFE place and Judgement  Free Zone!


  • Only 21 Days
  • Its FUN
  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Acheive your  Fitness Goals


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