Coming September 7th, For 21 Days With You!…COMMIT TO GET FIT CHALLENGE

Want to be part of our Commit To Get Fit challenge group?  We will be starting the next challenge group on September 7th. This new challenge will take you right into fall and will get you slimmed down and on a focused plan just in time for the start of the Holiday Season!  Probably the most important time to be on a plan and have some help with accountability!

Not sure what a challenge group is?

In short, a Challenge Group provides support , accountability and creates a sense of community! It is a group of people, led by your Coaches (Hilary and Jessica).  It can be people who have committed to getting healthy by participating in either a  Beachbody workout program or want to join the group for free and continue on your own workout schedule. We will engage with the group on Facebook® . By combining fitness, nutrition, peer support and accountability, a Challenge Group plays a key role in helping  all of us achieve our goals. Its a SAFE place and Judgement  Free Zone! In addition, we offer add on services, such as meal prep consulting and customized menu planning.


  • Only 21 Days
  • Its FUN
  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Acheive your  Fitness Goals

Once you sign up we will add you to our Facebook challenge group and the fun will begin!

If you have any questions please contact us and we will guide you along the way!

Email us at to sign up and for more information.




SKINNY Cocktails!

Skinny Cocktails

It’s summer and its hot! What better way to quench your thirst with a skinny cocktail. Take these fun drinks with you to your pool parties or on the boat this summer and enjoy!!!

Skinny Mini Champagne Berry Cocktail

1/4 cup unsweetened blueberry juice

2 Tbsp. fresh lime juice

1/4 cup champagne

1 cup ice

Garnish- fresh or frozen blueberries

Place blueberry juice, lime juice and champagne and ice in a large serving glass and mix! Garnish and enjoy!

Skinny Coconut Berry Refresher

1 cup coconut water

1 oz berry flavored vodka

1 cup ice

Mint Leaves for Garnish

Place coconut water, vodka and ice in serving glass and stir! Garnish with mint leaves and enjoy!