7 Things our Challenger Learned On Her Balanced Method 21 Day Fix Journey!

Before you read the post below, we just have to  say WE  are so PROUD of our Challenger, Morgan for sharing these words of Wisdom and so Proud of her dedication and Success!!! YOU ROCK and INSPIRE US ALL!!!

Morgan’s Perspective:

It’s Day 3, of Round 3 of 21 Day Fix Balanced Method style. First of all, thank you so much to the coaches at Balanced Method Fitness, Hilary and Jess; I couldn’t have made all my progress without you!!  I’m down about 6 pounds since my start of round 1.  I’m stronger, my muscles show, and I actually am starting to like my abs (something I never would have imagined.)

I just wanted to share a few things I’ve learned over the last few months as I have started this entire lifestyle change.  I wanted to try the 21 Day Fix, yes to lose a couple pounds, but it was more about pushing me to eat healthier (and learning to cook), work out more, and finally just be really proud of my body and the work I put into it.

MVAIL1.You are not going to immediately love working out, and that’s okay. 

It takes your body time to adjust to all of this exercise. You will be sore, and you will want to quit. Now, starting my third round, I look forward to being done with my workout. Yes, it is tough to start, but if you can make it through the first ten minutes, then the second ten, you might as well just finish it! Its only 30 minutes!

2.Set up rewards for yourself when you hit an accomplishment, whether is going 5 days in a row on your work outs, losing 5 pounds, or getting through a workout without a modification. 

To make sure that I get my workout done in the morning, I don’t allow myself a cup of coffee until I’m done.  I turn on the coffee pot as I start my video, and by the time I’m done, it’s ready and waiting.  There is nothing as motivating as the smell of coffee during round 4 of Total Body Cardio when you literally are okay doing crunches because at least you’re lying down!

After completing my first 21 Day Fix round, I bought myself a new pair of workout shoes.  I hadn’t invested in new workout gear in a couple of years, but I wanted to make sure the 21 Day Fix was something I could stick with before I splurged a new pair of kicks. At the end of round 2, I bought new (and clean) hand weights.  At the end of round 3, it is going to be time for new workout shorts!

Whether it is getting a pedicure after completing a week of workouts, new workout gear, or even splurging on a piece of cheesecake after three weeks of eating right and working out every day, little rewards will keep you motivated to keep taking it one step forward and one side lunge at a time.

3.Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.

I know everyone knows this. I know we have heard it all before. But have you ever experimented with this yourself?  I notice if I don’t start my day off right with a good nutrition it is much harder for me to stay on track for the rest of the day.  I like to get in a good serving of protein, a fruit or veggie, and a carbohydrate. (I rocked some delicious breakfast tacos this morning that followed this mantra.) Mornings are my busiest at work, and I know that eating right puts me in a good frame of mind and keeps me thinking about work, rather than the muffins at the Starbucks stand.

4.You can put Spinach in everything.

Really. Everything.  If I’m missing half of a serving of veggies, I make sure to add spinach to something, whether it is my eggs in the morning, in my shake at night, or even mixed in with my pasta or wrap that I have at lunch.  As someone who never ate vegetables (and I mean, literally never, unless they were hidden in something), I love that I am putting away 3 solid servings a day. (My mom still can’t believe it.)

6. Organize your fridge.

I know I love to organize, but I know it’s not for everyone.  I also know that sometimes it is hard to keep an organized refrigerator when you have a multi-person household. But, if you are looking for a snack and have to dig around to find what you have for some fresh veggies, you are more apt to close the door and head straight for the cookies. (Because we all know exactly where the cookies are.)  I put all of my red container proteins (cooked meats, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, etc.) on a shelf, fruit on a shelf, veggies together and then I have the smallest shelf reserved for my healthy fats and cheeses.

6.Clean your yoga/workout mat a couple times a week.

It’s just gross not to.

7. Use the 21 Day Fix App

Use a 21 Day Fix app to log your food, track your containers, and keep up with your workouts.  I love being able to review a day and see how awesome (or not awesome) I was with my food and workouts.  (Plus- then you can copy and paste your notes into the Hot for Halloween Facebook group without having to retype everything!!!)

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